About Schooling For Life

Schooling For Life is an innovative educational organization. We provide high-achieving high school age students the opportunity to work and study with top university professors and professionals around the globe.

We draw our instructors from U.S. academic institutions, such as Yale, NYU, Harvey Mudd, Emory and UCLA. Our goal is to give students world-class faculty and outstanding learning opportunities, while also providing homeschoolers with a social outlet. 

Our students have taken courses on a wide array of subjects including economics with a Nobel prize winner, literature with a leading professor and rhetorician, negotiation and conflict resolution with an UN consultant and fencing with an olympian. In addition, we provide courses on a variety of life skills so our students are provided with the tools to be successful and competent adults.

Who is Schooling For Life Designed For?

SFL Students

Schooling For Life  provides enrichment classes for high-achieving students who are self-motivated and serious about learning. Some of our students are homeschooled, others attend traditional day schools (private and public) and are taken out of classes on Wednesdays to attend our sessions. 

Each session is broken into themes and typically, we spend 3-4 weeks developing that theme.  For example, this summer, our students are attending culinary school to complete the third part of a professional culinary degree.


Schooling For Life is well-funded, and is not intended to earn a profit.

The Schooling For Life Board has authorized a very generous subsidy for this program so that we can keep the cost to the student as low as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other fees?
There is no application fee. For participants, additional costs may include an optional trip or event, or travel expenses.
Can anyone participate?
Participants are selected by a process of competitive application. Not all applicants are accepted.
Can my son or daughter apply in the middle of the school year?
Yes, we accept applications all year.
Can parents or siblings attend the workshops?
If we have space or availability, parents and/or siblings may attend our workshops. Parents are told at the beginning of the term which workshops are expected to have room.
Do you have tuition discounts for siblings?
Tuition is already discounted for students who are accepted into the program.
How do I apply?
Students must apply each year. Applications can be found on the website,, or by clicking here.
How much does it cost?
The tuition is heavily subsidized by donors. Participants pay an administration fee each term, which in recent terms has been in the neighborhood of $375 per student. Cost may be higher or lower in the future. Optional events may have a separate fee.
I’m interested in teaching a workshop. Is there someone I can contact?
Yes, please send an email to: .
I’m not quite ready to apply, but I am interested in continuing to hear about what is happening at SFL. How can I get information more regularly?
Please send an email to: .
If I (or my student) am accepted to SFL, what am I required to do?
Students are required to come to weekly classes on time and with a good attitude. Homework assignments may be given during the week to enhance the enrichment program.
If my child is absent, do I still have to pay?
Tuition is due at the start of the term and includes the full term. There are no refunds for missed classes.
My children are not eligible for your program, are there other SFL programs for younger/older students or in other areas?
We are not aware of comparable programs.
What about transportation? What will my child do for transportation to or from the program?
Parents are responsible to drop-off and pick-up their child(ren) each week.
What age children do you serve?
Our students are high school age.
What are your class hours?
Workshops typically run for 2-3 hours every Wednesday. Most classes are scheduled between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
What are your maximum class sizes?
We typically accept between 15-20 students per term.
What if I apply and there is no room for my child(ren)?
Students who meet the requirements for the program, but who do not make the cut-off, are put on a waiting list and may be accepted if/when space becomes available.
What is Schooling For Life (SFL)?
Schooling For Life is an enrichment program that creates, plans, and facilitates weekly workshops, field trips, seminars, student travel and events for High-Achieving, Self-Motivated and Academically-Inclined Homeschooling Students in high school.
What is the difference between Credit & Enrichment?
College credit courses allow you to earn a grade and credits that are transferable to most colleges and universities nationwide. You will earn these credits after successfully completing the course, and can request a transcript for your high school records and college application. Enrichment classes provide students with skills that are useful for academic achievement, personal growth and college preparation. Students do not get a grade or credit for these classes.
When does the program begin? End?
The Fall Term runs September through December. The Spring Term begins in January and ends in May. We offer optional classes in the Summer.
Where are you located?
We do not have one classroom where classes are held each week. We travel to college campuses, studios and various locations throughout the Los Angeles area.

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