October 25, 2016

First Street Photography Class

First Street Photography Class

Doing the photography class at the LA Center of Photography with teacher, Julia D. was a fun and insightful experience.

A Walk Through Our Day:

Everyone arrived around 10:00 and we took a seat at a table in the middle of the room. Each person was given a folder with sheets inside it explaining how a camera works, how to take a picture and which setting the camera needs to be at for the certain type of light.

Julia gave a quick introduction on herself explaining who she was and how long she had been a street photographer, and telling us about her non-profit organization and how it used to be a company which she changed so that she could help the community more. Then we went around the room and each person said his or her name and how much photography they had under their belt.

First Street Photography Class 2

Next, everyone got out their cameras and she went over the points on the sheets with us, soon it was around 11:45. She showed us some pictures that she had taken in the past and told us why one was bad and why one was good, and explained the lighting and everything going on in the picture.

At about 12:00 everyone got into groups of of about three to five people including an adult. Then we went outside and walked along Hollywood Boulevard, by the El Capitan and the Chinese theater and so on. After 45 minutes of taking pictures on the street we started to head back to the classroom and arrived there at about 12:55.

Julia, the teacher, told us where we were meeting next week, then we were dismissed.

First Street Photography Class 3